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June 13 2017



Friend: I’m excited for Detroit Becoming Human!

Me, someone who has too much experience with David Cage games:


i figured out some lucio things and now i can go fucking fast but only sometimes

i rebound jump to mousewheel down and right click, and after like 60 hours learned that your speed is applied to where you’re looking, even if it’s vertical, so combined with a better way to kick off walls and getting more height out of the wall jumps it’s game changing

June 11 2017

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i will never experience laughter like when mike, jay, and rich saw the ending of resident evil afterlife

June 09 2017

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me when im a small but knowing clown

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June 08 2017

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I͖̳̥̥̙̦͖F̘ ̖̝̺͇̹͝S̴̖̙͍̭͍̤H̗͇͕̝̗̲E̗ ̮̤͈̳̕B͔͔̘̤̝͓R̸͖̻͖͚̞E͔͉A̭̠͇͉̗Ṱ̟̟̣͉̬Ḩ͉E̙̱̰̰̠̜̙S͟ͅ,̩̫͍̯̜̫̫ ̺͔͉S҉̼̘ͅH̗͍͈̲̦E̕'̦̳̗̠̮̕S̨͓̻ ̶̪A̺͙͞ T̥̲̹̣H͉̜̫O̦̖͢ͅT̯͇


June 07 2017

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June 06 2017

Science finally supports that we are all born as blank slates and gender is merely a construct




If any of my followers believes that “brain sex” is a rigid and well defined category check this out

I actually did a study on this in my freshman year of university!

I had to give a ten minute presentation on gender and a) how it’s different from sex, and b) whether or not there’s such thing as a “male” and “female” brain.

I found COUNTLESS studies supporting the idea that the brain itself is unisex- there is very little, if any, difference between “male” and “female” brains, with one exception. I’m by no means a neuroscientist but this is what I understood from this particular article: there’s this tiny part of the hypothalamus (a small part of the brain) that has neutrons in it, and the number of neutrons varies. HOWEVER, when the brains of cis men and women and trans men and women (who had not taken hormones for years prior to the time of death) were studied, it was found that the cis men and trans men had almost identical average neutron counts, and the cis women and trans women had almost identical average neutron counts. So if you’re DMAB but realize at some point that you’re a trans woman, as far as your brain is concerned, you ARE a woman! The same goes for DFAB trans men (intersex/nonbinary individuals weren’t studied, unfortunately).

TLDR; Your brain doesn’t care what you were “born as”, only what you really are!

I’m currently reading a fantastic book that goes through and debunks old studies that “find evidence” to support gender roles. SPOILER ALERT: they were all poorly done studies and their evidence is unsupported bullshit.

June 05 2017

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My boyfriend sends me a lot of weird pictures but I really don’t know what to make of this one in particular.

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i painted over a sketch layer so its messy and its also really tiny but whatever

June 04 2017


Everyone needs a “fuck off, tracer” line, or some variation in line with their character



i used to get self-conscious over the smallest things but friends let me tell you that today i had to smuggle a furious 8ft python onto the bus during the school rush and not a single person noticed. not one. if people don’t care enough to notice a shopping bag writhing and seething with barely-contained reptilian hatred then i promise you that no-one will pay any attention to that blemish you’re fretting about or how you’ve done your hair

this is extremely concerning and also very reassuring, thank you and please stop bringing pythons onto public transportation 

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I made my own bumper sticker. No regrets to be had


bo bo bao bo bo


bow bo bo bo bo bo bo 


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